Paul L. Kershaw



A fourth book of text and images in collaboration with poet Phil Madden.

260 x 370mm, 30pp 

Grapho Editions, March 2018  


Price: £280


There are 70 copies in the edition. The paper is Somerset Satin 250 gsm and the setting is Mantinia and Roma. It is quarter-bound in cloth with a unique suminagashi cover paper. The design, graphics, hand-printing and binding are by Paul L. Kershaw.


The subject of the book is trees. Multiple-block prints of tree trunks, mostly in mono-colour, are connected by linking pages of text and image. These creative settings are usually in colour and printed from a variety of relief blocks and plates. In all, there were about 90 separate printings. Inspiration for the prints came from visits to Studley Royal Park, part of the National Trust Fountains Abbey estate, which is also a World Heritage Site.


This book was chosen for one of the three Judges Choice Awards at the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair, March 2018.

copyright © Paul L. Kershaw 2018